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University of California-Created Web Sites

Discover the diversity, world-class scholarship, and wide-ranging creativity of the UC system.

Explore more than 500 specially selected web sites created by UC faculty, librarians, and researchers and gain access to thousands of photographs, interviews, sound recordings, maps, historical documents, current articles and research, videos, sheet music, electronic books, and more. Many of UC's museums, concert halls, art galleries, medical centers, botanical gardens, observatories, and marine centers are represented in this collection.

Discover the many interests of the 10 UC campuses.

uc berkeley campus photograph

UC Berkeley - Visit the Museum of Paleontology to learn all about dinosaurs, explore more than 700 photos of Africa from the California Academy of Sciences, and discover the colorful world of auroras.

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uc davis campus photograph

UC Davis - Discover classic American food from antiquity to the space age, dig into the life and times of earthworms, and read the full text of works by nearly 60 British and Irish women Romantic poets.

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uc irvine campus photograph

UC Irvine - Learn all about energy sources, pore through photographs, maps, and letters documenting the Southeast Asian refugee experience, and explore realms of the sacred in these annotated /images of ancient Mesoamerican codices.

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uc los angeles campus photograph

UC Los Angeles - Browse an image library of ancient cuneiform tablets, discover the lives and original contributions made by 20th-century women to physics, and enjoy looking at hundreds of images of sheet music published from 1885-1983.

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uc merced campus photograph

UC Merced - Check back soon for the web sites of our newest campus, UC Merced.

uc riverside campus photograph

UC Riverside - See what early 20th century bathing beauties looked like through the eyes of pioneer filmmaker Mack Sennett, get the lowdown on killer bees from the Department of Entomology, and see lantern slides of Afghanistan in 1933.

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uc san diego campus photograph

UC San Diego - Experience a century of ocean expeditions through images and oral histories, visit an informative site about climate change, and explore over 400 editorial cartoons from 1941-1943 created by Dr. Seuss.

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uc san francisco campus photograph

UC San Francisco - Read an online textbook discussing current knowledge of HIV and AIDS, gain access to 9.7 million documents related to advertising, marketing, and manufacturing of tobacco products, and discover the chronology for the development of biotechnology from 1665 to 1990.

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uc santa barbara campus photograph

UC Santa Barbara - See photos of glowing fish at The Bioluminescence Web Page, explore the 1930s and 40s through this collection of American realist prints, and read scholarly research concerning the study of sexual minorities in the military.

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uc santa cruz campus photograph

UC Santa Cruz - Browse photos of flowers at the Arboretum Gallery, get a new perspective on the world through the UC Atlas of Global Inequality, and discover the fascinating world of falcons, eagles, owls, and birds of prey.

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The University of California Department of Energy National Laboratory

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory photograph

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - coming soon

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory photograph

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - coming soon

Los Alamos National Laboratory photograph

Los Alamos National Laboratory - coming soon

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Hear UC Berkeley's collection of 1960s' Black Panther Party sound recordings.

Experience a century of ocean expeditions from UC San Diego.

Visit UC Davis for an interactive key to identifying common household ants.

Learn all about energy sources from UC Irvine.

Browse an image library of ancient cuneiform tablets from UC Los Angeles.

Get the buzz on killer bees from UC Riverside's Department of Entomology.

Find coping tips for patients and caregivers from UC San Francisco.

Listen to cylinder sound recordings from UC Santa Barbara.

Visit Italy in the 1920s with lantern slides from UC Santa Cruz.