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Tropico, Los Angeles County, California
Glendale: Fastest Growing City in Americ...
First of the Ranchos: The Story of Glend...
Glendale, Your Home
Glendale, California: Still the Fastest ...
Glendale: A Place for Homes
Tropico: Los Angeles County California
Brand family picnic, hayride
Leslie C. Brand with airplane
El Miradero property
El Miradero fountain
Group of women sitting on staircase at t...
Aerodrome replacing country-house garage...
Leslie C. Brand with family and friends
El Miradero front elevation
School boys playing on airfield lawn wit...
Brand Library palm tree-lined driveway
Miradero front gate
Brand Castle looking through front gate ...
Woman standing in orange groves
Tioga Wolf at Leslie C. Brand's funeral
Mary Louise Brand in front of El Mirader...
Early image of El Miradero, front view
High line for lowering mortar down into ...
1 - 25 of 227 images