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Tropico, Los Angeles County, California
Glendale, California: Still the Fastest ...
Glendale: Fastest Growing City in Americ...
Glendale, Your Home
First of the Ranchos: The Story of Glend...
Glendale: A Place for Homes
Tropico: Los Angeles County California
Miradero [Christmas card]
Group of women at the lodge
Roadway alongside El Miradero
Brand Library and Art Center
Lodge front porch
Workmen in solarium during the 1950s Bra...
Leslie C. Brand and pilots at fly-in par...
El Miradero with driveway leading to the...
Library staff looking at chandelier
Three guests in front of the Mono-Eagle
Tioga Wolf
Staff serving drinks on tennis court
Fly-in guests talking with Ruth Roland
El Miradero with orange grove
Woman on stairs
El Miradero property
Lodge front porch
1 - 25 of 227 images