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pear garden in the West :
Cao Cao at the pass, performed at the Gr...
A 78 rpm record with "Oriental Record Co...
Judith Walsh, MD; Ka Kam Chan, MD
Warren H. Berl
Harry Weinstein, MD; Kenneth A. Woeber, ...
Harry Weinstein, MD
Alan B. Glassberg, MD
Three unindentified women; clinical staf...
Tumor Institute Group
Lawrence Z. Feigenbaum, MD; Warren H. Be...
Harris M. Fishbon, MD
Issa Eshima, MD
Thomas E. Addison, MD; Robert A. Weiss, ...
Samele Samuels
Richard Quint, MD
Emile S. Daniel, MD; Thomas G. Sampson, ...
Peter Ganz, MD
Mount Zion Medical Board
Julian S. Davis, MD; James A. Davis, MD
Emile S. Daniel, MD; Ernest H. Rosenbaum...
Jay S. Luxenborg, MD
John J. Sampson, MD
Da din yi liao zhan
Jeanne Dean
1 - 25 of 5,535 images