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pear garden in the West :
Cao Cao at the pass, performed at the Gr...
A 78 rpm record with "Oriental Record Co...
Dora Fishbock, MD
Emile Schmoll, MD
Thomas E. Addison, MD
Disaster drill
David Friedlander, MD
1972 Anniversary celebration, Mount Zion...
Judith Walsh, MD; Ka Kam Chan, MD
Warren H. Berl
Doctors' Lounge
Glass Syringe
Medical Bag
Ernest Ring, MD
Tumor Institute Group
Harry Weinstein, MD; Kenneth A. Woeber, ...
Harry Weinstein, MD
Group Photo
Group photo, preparing for surgery, Sutt...
Mount Zion staff luncheon
Nurses' residence, parlour
Nurse in class
Nurses and visitors in hallway, 1600 Div...
1 - 25 of 5,700 images