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The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire
This digital archive of thousands of images and texts commemorates the 100th anniversary of the April 18, 1906, San Francisco earthquake and fire. Features include an exhibit divided into thematic groups (such as before the disaster, firestorm, and reconstruction), an interactive map of the city with associated images, and a "panoramic collage of San Francisco shortly after the disaster." From the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.
University of California, Berkeley . The Bancroft Library

19th-Century California Sheet Music
"A virtual library of some 2,700 pieces of sheet music published in California between 1852 and 1900, together with related materials such as a San Francisco publisher's catalog of 1872, programs, songsheets, advertisements, and photographs." Includes information on African Americans, Californios, Chinese, and other cultures, as related to California sheet music. Includes some audio and video. Music topics include gender, mining, politics, and sports. From Mary Kay Duggan, professor, University of California, Berkeley.
Museum Informatics Project, Information Systems and Technology, University of California, Berkeley

About Dorothea Lange
Contains brief background information on the photographer, a recollection of Lange in Berkeley by Clark Kerr, Lange's comments on her 1936 photograph "Migrant Mother," and a short bibliography.
University of California, Berkeley . The Dorothea Lange Fellowship

Africa Photos From the California Academy of Sciences
Nearly 700 photos of African "animals, plants, landscapes, and people/culture from the California Academy of Sciences." Searchable by name, type, country, location, and photographer. Photos include links to additional information. A part of the CalPhotos database.
the University of California, Berkeley

A searchable and browsable collection of information relating to amphibian biology and conservation, including "species descriptions, life history information, conservation status, literature references, photos and range maps." Also features amphibian facts, a glossary, information on declining species, and sound files. From the University of California, Berkeley.
the University of California, Berkeley

Anthropology at Berkeley: A Century of Pathbreaking Scholarship, 1901-2001
An exhibit of images of over 100 scholarly publications in which UC Berkeley Anthropology Department faculty "have contributed meaningful, often counter-intuitive, insights to our understanding of contemporary issues of local and global scope." Browsable by author, and topics including California, social inequality, ecology, ethnography and social change, expressive culture, evolution, globalization, and science. Contains selected photographs of faculty.
the University of California, Berkeley

At Home Astronomy: Hands-On Science Experiments for the Whole Family
Collection of illustrated instructions for science experiments related to astronomy. Topics include understanding shadows, verifying the size and location of the sun, building a model lunar settlement, demonstrating the principles of rocketry, and making an astrolabe and model of the solar system. Includes links to related sites.
University of California, Berkeley . The Center for Science Education, Space Sciences Laboratory

The Bancroft Library: African Americans in California
This site contains a searchable catalog of the Bancroft Library's holdings of materials by and about African Americans, with an emphasis on materials relating to California and the West (including items from the NAACP West Coast Region, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, and the Black Scholar Journal). Also features a timeline and links to related sites.
University of California, Berkeley . The Bancroft Library

The Bancroft Library Regional Oral History Office (ROHO): Featured Projects
A browsable collection of oral histories, with a focus on California. Topics include bioscience and biotechnology, disability rights, the Earl Warren era, diversity at UC, food and wine, Free Speech Movement, "Rosie the Riveter WWII American Homefront Project," suffragists, history of the University of California, and Western mining.
the University of California, Berkeley

The Bancroft Library: Video Presentations
Five brief "video presentations that explore the history and research activities" of the Bancroft Library. Featuring librarians who work at the Bancroft, "these excerpts are part of a video documentary that traces the origins, collections, and services of The Bancroft Library, one of the nation's leading archival and special collections repositories." From the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.
University of California, Berkeley . The Bancroft Library

Bear In Mind: The California Grizzly at the Bancroft Library
An exhibit of more than 150 "documents, photographs, publications, illustrations, artwork, and artifacts" that "chronicle the extinction of the California Grizzly Bear." Browsable by theme and checklist. Includes UC Berkeley campus map of bear statues and artwork.
University of California, Berkeley . The Bancroft Library

Devoted to Benitoite, the state gem of California. Includes photographs, articles (including George D. Louderback's 1909 article "Benitoite, Its Paragenesis and Mode of Occurrence"), and topographical maps.
University of California, Berkeley . The Museum Informatics Project (MIP)

Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE
The Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE "builds digital collections and services while providing information and support to digital library developers worldwide." The site contains links to SunSITE catalogs and indexes, and digital text and image collections (many featuring California content). Sponsored by Sun Microsystems and the University of California, Berkeley.
University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley Natural History Museums (BNHM)
Website for this consortium of six member museums and eight field stations associated with the University of California, Berkeley, including the Essig Museum of Entomology, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, and Central Sierra Snow Laboratory. Features links to individual member sites, and details about BNHM projects such as digitizing museum specimens and "Exploring California Biodiversity," which provides urban children an opportunity to learn about the natural environment. Also includes news and a calendar of events.
University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley Natural History Museums: Search Specimens in Our Collections
Database for specimens held by six natural history museums at the University of California, Berkeley: Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University and Jepson Herbaria, Essig Museum of Entomology, Museum of Paleontology, Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology, and UC Botanical Garden. Individual entries include scientific and common names, taxonomy, and collection date and location. Some items include photos. Browsable, or searchable by many factors such a geography, taxonomy, collector, and geologic time.
University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley Science Review
Website of a "popular science journal intended for the non-expert, but intellectually motivated reader. Think Scientific American or the New York Times science section with a focus on [the University of California] Berkeley." The journal is "broadly interdisciplinary, so anything goes, from RNA polymerase to history of science." Content is written by UC Berkeley students. Includes an archive of articles dating back to 2001.
the University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory conducts "geophysical monitoring, earthquake information dissemination, and education and outreach," with an emphasis on northern and central California. The site contains research reports; commentary on recent earthquakes; and weekly, monthly, and annual maps of seismicity. Includes links to related resources.
the University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley Technology Law Journal (BTLJ)
Website of a journal "covering emerging issues of law in the areas of intellectual property, high-tech, and biotech." Contains selected articles back to 1986 by students and practitioners, and a cumulative index.
University of California, Berkeley . The Boalt Hall School of Law

Berkeleyan Online
Online companion to the "Berkeleyan," a newspaper distributed to faculty and staff of the University of California, Berkeley. Contains news and articles from 1994 to the present.
University of California, Berkeley

Bibliographies of Northern and Central California Indians
Forty-three independent tribal bibliographies, and a general bibliography of California Indians. Includes maps (tribal groups and corresponding California counties, linguistic groups), alternate names and spellings for tribal groups, and information on libraries containing California Indian collections. Last updated in 1994.
University of California, Berkeley . The Museum Informatics Project (MIP)

Bioscience at Berkeley, Biotechnology in the Bay Area: Selections From an Exhibit in the Bancroft Library
This exhibit includes information on the development of recombinant DNA (making it "possible to recombine and clone DNA"); profiles of University of California bioscientists Karl Meyer, Melvin Calvin, Wendell Stanley, and Gunther Stent; information on the emerging biotechnology industry; and excerpts from "The Cartoon Guide to Genetics: A Soft Approach to Hard Science" by Larry Gonick and Mark Wheelis. Features photographs, images of texts, and other ephemera.
University of California, Berkeley . The Bancroft Library

Breaking Through: A Century of Physics at Berkeley
This exhibit "tells the story of physics at [the University of California] Berkeley, 1868-1968. ... [C]onsider the results — scientists who made a machine to smash the atom, built a bomb that ended World War II, fought to limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and won 7 Nobel Prizes in 19 years." Features annotated photographs, lecture notes, letters, video clips, and more.
University of California, Berkeley . The Bancroft Library

Bridging the Bay: Bridging the Campus
Exploring "the design and politics of Bay Area bridges," this site contains "books, documents, architectural drawings and renderings, blueprints, artifacts, maps, and photographs." Includes the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, the Carquinez Bridge, the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, the Antioch Bridge, and the Dumbarton Bridge. Also features documents detailing projects under consideration, but never built. A collaboration of eight libraries from the University of California, Berkeley.
UC Berkeley Library

A Brief Historical Tour of the University of California
An overview of the University of California from the mid-1800s to 2000. Includes information on benefactors, presidents, growth and expansion, and fiscal problems.
University of California, Berkeley . The University of California History Digital Archives

Building Bancroft: The Evolution of a Library
An illustrated history of the establishment of the Bancroft Library on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. Features a chronology, and details about the creation of Hubert Howe Bancroft's personal library collection and its sale to the university in 1905, the building of the current library, and the library directors. From the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley. <BR>
University of California, Berkeley

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