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Santa Fe Depot
Members of Tulare High School Class of 1...
Parolini Wedding
Yes, It snows in Tulare!
Central Grammar School Class
General merchandise store
Visalia-Goshen Railcars
Threshing Crew
Southern Pacific passenger depot
F.M. Eldridge
Postcard of pioneer Bender Family
F.P. Hayes
Lumber train going through Tulare
Henry Whaleys's Stables
Early farming equipment
Busy corner of Tulare
Downtown Tulare early 1900s
Deer Creek School
Jewell's Drug Store circa 1900
Eastern Star Chapter of Tulare
Tulare elementary school children and te...
Madden's Water Tower
Schoenemann & Zumwalt Clothing Store
Riding into Traver circa 1890s
Inside Tulare's Ford Garage
1 - 25 of 247 images