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Tree Circus Living Telephone Booth
Glenwood Drive
Frapwell Ranch with Timberman
Scotts Valley One Room School in 1918
Alvin Seale Portrait
Brontosaurus of Lost World
Tree Circus Emblem Tree
Scotts Valley Archaeological Dig
Tree Circus Chain Link Tree
Spring Lakes Mobile Home Park
Errington House 1914
Bethany Summer Bible Camp
Entrance to Santa Cruz County Fair 1918
El Rancho Pre-School
Tree Circus Knot Tree
Scotts Valley School Bell 1872
Emblem Tree at Bonfante Gardens
Lost World Music Combo
Hiram Scott House in Current Location
Hiram Scott
North End of Valley Chicken Ranch
Scotts Valley School of the 1890's
Locke Dairy Farm
Scotts Valley High School Building Site
David Locke House Postcard
1 - 25 of 200 images