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Lost World Creatures
Race Car at Scotts Valley Skypark
Bethany Park 1948
Frapwell Mansion, Front View
Hocus Pocus Portrait
Santa's Village Guide Map
Frapwell Farm
Aerial photo of the Jack and Lola Graham...
Tree Circus Poplar Archway
Santos Dairy Ranch House un 1945
Santa's Village Pond
Santa's Village Photo Montage
8th District Fire Truck
Standard Lumber Stack
Aerial Los Gatos - Santa Cruz Highway
1976 Scotts Valley Cavalcade program
Donald E. Seapy
Spring Lakes
Friend Stone, Second Scotts Valley Mayor...
Tree Circus Double Spectacle Tree
The Barn as Scotts Valley Community Club...
Live Oak Dairy with Cows
Scott House Interior
1923 Fiat Town Car
Moose Lodge
1 - 25 of 200 images