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Nobili Medal
Encarnacion Pinedo [ca. 1870]
Kenna Hall Dorm Room, 1956
No. 118, University of Santa Clara, June...
Bert Hardy's Room, 1913
Handball No. 2 [ca. 1900]
Santa Clara College, 1871
"Mellow to the Music" Concert in the Pip...
Senior Gymnasium in California Hotel, 19...
Aerial View of Santa Clara, ca. 1970
Student residents of Swig Hall debate th...
Santa Clara College Football Team, 1896
University of Santa Clara, Track Meet, M...
Mass in Crater Gates, 1931
Programme of the Exercises at the Tenth ...
Santa Clara College, ca. 1865
Students in class, ca. 1968
Spanish Society, ca. 1893
Tabla Para Los Ninos que Empiezan a Apre...
The Alameda, 1901
Mission Santa Clara, ca. 1854
Student using Library Card Catalog in Or...
The Physical Cabinet, 86, ca. 1880
Mission Santa Clara Indian Family Apartm...
Junior Lavatory, ca. 1900
1 - 25 of 128 images