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Nobili Medal
Site of 1st Mission, 1933
War Bond Support on Campus, 1943
"O" Bowl Bound, 1949
Santa Clara University, 1940
Tabla Para Los Ninos que Empiezan a Apre...
Kenna Hall Dorm Room, 1956
No. 118, University of Santa Clara, June...
Bert Hardy's Room, 1913
Handball No. 2 [ca. 1900]
Santa Clara College, 1871
The Alameda, 1901
John M. Burnett, 1858
Filling the Balloon for Glider Flight, 1...
Saturino Ayon, ca. 1867
Graduate student instructs Electrical En...
Santa Clara College, ca. 1865
Students in class, ca. 1968
Spanish Society, ca. 1893
Students and Faculty Protest ROTC on Cam...
Santa Clara Campus across the Alameda, c...
Dormitory on First Floor of the "Ship" o...
Santa Clara College Band in San Jose, ca...
Encarnacion Pinedo [ca. 1870]
"Mellow to the Music" Concert in the Pip...
1 - 25 of 128 images