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Wawona Hotel and grounds, 1890s
Mariposa, circa 1860
John Jay Cook
Wawona Hotel, 1890s
Clark and Moore's Hotel, Wawona
Harriet H. Bruce, circa 1904
John Gilmore and horse team, Mariposa, 1...
Mine shaft on Mariposa vein
Azelia Van Campen Bruce
Hoeltzel homestead house, 1879
Agua Fria, circa 1849
Tourists at Wawona Tunnel Tree
Bruce children at Wawona Grotto
Building of the "Indian Bridge&quot...
Old jail, Bear Valley
Sentinel Hotel, Yosemite, circa 1890
Jeanie Bruce Washburn
Quartz mill, Mariposa Grant
Charles Bruce
Reeb's butcher shop, Hornitos
George and Charles Bauer
Albert Henry Washburn
Azelia Van Campen Bruce
Bauer and Busano wedding portrait
Azelia Van Campen
1 - 25 of 216 images