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Corcoran Cotton Float
Threshing crew on Newport Ranch
Vaqueros on Westside of Kings County
Hauling Grain to Corcoran Station
Postal Deliveryman
Farmer Harvesting with Team
Guests at California Hot Springs in Tula...
Hotel Manager Kate Jacobs
Yosemite Valley Stage Passengers
Dredging Dutch John Cut in Kings County
Law Office of Ed Erlanger in Lemoore
Dredge Working in Dutch John Cut
Converse Basiri Saw Mill Buildings
Hanging Clothes at Kings Laundry
Christmas Party at Chinese School in Han...
Members of the Ancient Order of United W...
Foster/Brooks Wagon
Lacey Milling Company
Church Congregation at jerome Relocation...
Ed Orchard Delivering Mail in Pierce Arr...
Children Feeding Chickens, Kings County
Mr. and Mrs. Tagawa at Rohwer Relocation...
Dean's Cafe in Kettleman City
Kingston School Class
Aerial View of Hanford Taken From Hot Ai...
1 - 25 of 249 images