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Processing Turkeys on Orchard Ranch
Firefighting, The Old and The New, Hanfo...
Man with Draft Horse
First Test of Holly Water System for Fig...
Excavating for Hanford Post Office
Hanford Opera House
A Cow in the Yard
Dance at Lemoore Opera House
Child Swimming in Canal
Sue Chung Kee Store in Hanford's China A...
Hauling hay bales in Corcoran
Beekeepers at work
Road Building in Kings County
Holt Tractors on Kings County Farm
Dumping grapes at winery
Lakeview Creamery at Corcoran
Lucerne Vineyard Residence
Dredge at Head of Dutch John Cut, Kings ...
Show Time for Cows
Artesian Well
Mabel Shaw's Kindergarten Class
Feeding the Flock
Kutner-Goldstein Department Store Fire, ...
Watermelon Picking in Kings County
Hanford High at Grangeville Blvd.
1 - 25 of 249 images