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Chinese School
Stationary Hay Press in Kings County
Sam Hird's Residence Being Moved
Downtown Corcoran Street Scene
Home of Train Robber Chris Evans
Airplane and Auto in Race at Kings Co. F...
Indian Family at Santa Rosa Rancheria Ne...
Charles W. Fuller's Blacksmith Shop, Han...
First Birthday Party
Elementary School Class
Sue Chung Kee Store, Hanford
Judging Cattle at Kings County Fairgroun...
Four-Horned Sheep
Grammar School Class in Kings County
Fred Funches and His Homemade Airplane
Landis Meat Market in Hanford
Balloon Diamond after flight from Hanfor...
Hanford Schools Float in Knights of Pyth...
Hanford Concert Band
Seventh Street Scene
Men in pool hall
Removing oaks on Laguna De tache grant.
Bridge Over Two Canals
Raising Drying in Kings County
Crew Pruning Grapevines
1 - 25 of 249 images