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Chinese School
Stationary Hay Press in Kings County
Sam Hird's Residence Being Moved
Downtown Corcoran Street Scene
Home of Train Robber Chris Evans
Airplane and Auto in Race at Kings Co. F...
Horse Judging at Kings County Fair
Episcopal Church at Douty and Third Stre...
Felling Tree for Chicago World's Fair
Caminol Oil Delivery Trucks
Horse Show on 6th Street, Hanford
Prize Fiddlers at Kings County Pioneer D...
Hanford Cornet Band
Horlock's Paint Shop, Hanford
Harvester Crew on T.W. Standart's Huron ...
Dam at Head of People's Ditch
Naomi Tagawa as a Baby
Loggers on Base of Giant Sequoia
Hanford Printers Baseball Team
Horses on Snyder Ranch, Kings County
Lobby of Artesia Hotel
Wagons in Pioneer Day Parade, Hanford
Pioneer School in Grangeville
Y.T. Sue and Wife
Construction of 4th Story on Hanford Ope...
1 - 25 of 249 images