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"Group of Chinese children"
no. 1 (verso)
Film adverstisement: "Sessue Hayakawa in...
"A Chinese Festival"
Fat Ming Co. catalog
[Two children; one in costume]
Advertisement for Chinese groceries
Duke's Cameo Cigarettes card
Young China advertisement
Permits for burial and removal of remain...
Wai San Hong & Co. poster
"Chinese Women and Children"
Notice for $500 reward for capture of Wa...
[Man seated inside laundry]
The Moon Café menu
Chew Chong Tai & Co. advertisement
no. 1 (recto)
[Chinese child in costume]
Paul Lau Company, Inc. business card
Grand View Garden Restaurant menu
[Bai, Ju-Yi's Poems]: cover
no. 2
Grand View Hotel adverstisement
[Chinese children and balloon salesman]
[A Study on Tolstoy]: cover
1 - 25 of 29 images