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Henry Sugimoto and Family
Winter at Voulangis
Outside of the Camp, Ark.
Self portrait
Jerome Camp from Outside
Untitled (Camp Warehouse II)
Abandon House, Ark. (Abandoned House)
Outside Farmland, Rohwer Camp
Untitled (Camp Warehouse I)
Warehouse at Jerome Camp
One Dollar for Nice Icebox, When the [he...
My Papa
Freedom Day Came
Jerome Camp Swamp
Henry Sketching Camp Jerome
Documentary, Our Mess Hall
Susie Ironing Camp Room
Documentary, Junkshop Man Took Away Our ...
Jerome Camp
Easter in Camp Jerome
Uncle Ralph and Sumile in Camp Jerome
Praying for Safety
Attacked Pearl Harber (Attacked Pearl Ha...
L'Eglise de Tigeaux
1 - 25 of 135 images