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Grantville School, Mission Valley
Geography field trip to Lower California...
Badminton and table tennis / Lee Passmor...
Lindo Lake, Lakeside
[Portrait of three women]
Craft class / Lee Passmore
[San Diego Normal School]
Showing traffic congestion on Broadway b...
Men's Glee Club / Lee Passmore
State College, east front / Lee Passmore...
Showing traffic congestion on Broadway b...
Accounting laboratory / Lee Passmore
Patio - physical education building / Le...
Field trip - Borego / Lee Passmore
[People using microscopes]
Broadway between 4th and 5th Avenues
Rainy night - gymnasium / Lee Passmore
Hotel Escondido
Christmas carollers - 3 a.m. / Lee Passm...
Biology - "Water Garden" / Lee Passmore
San Diego lumber yard on the bay
[San Diego Normal School]
Arcade / Lee Passmore
Time out / Lee Passmore
Botany Garden / Lee Passmore
1 - 25 of 190 images