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Jack Rand. Nat. I-C Champion / Lee Passm...
[Portrait of thirteen women and one man]...
A San Diego County ranch
Grantville School reunion
[Five women sitting on a sea cliff and o...
[Portrait of men and one woman]
Hamlet - Eighth Annual Shakespearean Pro...
Grantville School house
Zoology laboratory / Lee Passmore
[Portrait of women in a classroom]
Surveying class / Lee Passmore
Football / Lee Passmore
Second grade playhouse / Lee Passmore
Hockey / Lee Passmore
[People picnicking at a beach in La Joll...
Geographers view desert / Lee Passmore
Main reading room / Lee Passmore
Organic chemistry laboratory / Lee Passm...
Broadway between 4th and 5th Avenues
[Harbor front scene with fishing boats a...
[Portrait of a group of men]
Desert biology - "Fossil Coral" / Lee Pa...
Geographers at Clark Lake desert / Lee P...
Champion track squad / Lee Passmore
1 - 25 of 190 images