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Grantville School, Mission Valley
Badminton and table tennis / Lee Passmor...
[San Diego Normal School]
Lindo Lake, Lakeside
[Portrait of three women]
Geography field trip to Lower California...
Craft class / Lee Passmore
Glee Club - Champions 1934 / Lee Passmor...
Central part of building - front view
Grandstand - State College / Lee Passmor...
Electrical laboratory / Lee Passmore
Geographers camp in Mexico / Lee Passmor...
Broadway looking toward 5th Avenue
State College, east front / Lee Passmore...
6th grade make airplanes / Lee Passmore
Tennis class - college women / Lee Passm...
[San Diego Normal School Library]
[San Diego Normal School]
Showing traffic congestion on Broadway b...
Zoology laboratory / Lee Passmore
[Portrait of women in a classroom]
Geographers view desert / Lee Passmore
Hamlet - Eighth Annual Shakespearean Pro...
Grantville School reunion
Men's Glee Club / Lee Passmore
1 - 25 of 190 images