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Children's library / Lee Passmore
Assembly hall and library
[Portrait of women and one man]
San Diego Bay, Point Loma
Archery - "counting scores" / Lee Passmo...
Cap and gown honor society / Lee Passmor...
Tennis class - college women / Lee Passm...
[San Diego Normal School Library]
[San Diego Normal School]
Showing traffic congestion on Broadway b...
Grandstand - State College / Lee Passmor...
[San Diego Normal School play area]
[Three women sitting on a beach]
State College, San Diego, Cal / Lee Pass...
[Women playing field hockey]
[State Normal School building]
Fruit Festival, San Diego
Weekly Aztec Radio / Lee Passmore
[San Diego Bay]
Student meeting / Lee Passmore
Fencing / Lee Passmore
[Group portrait of eight women eating fo...
Pre-dedication of stadium May 1, 1935 / ...
[People on a boat]
1 - 25 of 190 images