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Tassajara Road
Salinas River
Monterey coast
Near King City
[Monterey coast]
[Katherine Esau]
[Spreckels field]
[Spreckels factory]
Pacheco Pass
Salinas Valley
[Oxnard field with wind row]
Midway Geyser Basin
[Street in San Francisco]
Tower Falls, Yellowstone
[Oxnard sugar beet field]
[Oxnard beet field]
[Oxnard sugar beet field looking north]
[El Capitan, Yosemite National Park]
[Oxnard farm]
[Oxnard farm]
[Oxnard sugar beet field]
[Plant anatomist Katherine Esau in lab i...
Cascades of the Firehole River
[Oxnard garlic field]
1 - 25 of 360 images