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Heart Mountain [Wyo.] Reports
Heart Mountain Internment Camp, Camera C...
Frank Hirahara in Heart Mountain Internm...
Japanese American cook and boy
[page 18]
Woman and child with handmade sandals
Packing to leave, Arthur Ishigo
Packing to leave, Estelle Ishigo
Heart Mountain family
[page 83]
Japanese return from internment camps
Two Japanese American men on a boat
Heart Mountain B14-27 Mess Hall
Wood shrine with flowers
Heart Mountain mandolin band members
Japanese calligraphy on split log
[page 77]
Dog with litter of puppies
Japanese calligraphy on wood sculptures
Wooden inlay tray
Rev. Nyogen Senzaki, portrait
Group portrait with Estelle Ishigo
Heart Mountain mandolin band, summer 194...
Scrapbook page
By the mess hall, Heart Mountain, Wyo
1 - 25 of 933 images