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Heart Mountain [Wyo.] Reports
Frank Hirahara in Heart Mountain Internm...
Heart Mountain Internment Camp, Camera C...
Japanese calligraphy on wood sculptures
Looking east over the reclocation center...
Game of Goh
Heart Mountain, Colorado
[Man doing calligraphy]
Heart Mountain, Colorado
A demonstration of the theatrical folk l...
Heart Mountain, Colorado
[Girls chopping down Christmas tree]
An English class at Heart Mountain, Colo...
[crowd watching sumo match, view of camp...
Alice and Mike [Woman and child]
Japanese calligraphy on split log
[page 77]
Dog with litter of puppies
Group portrait
Art Student League, Heart Mountain, Wyo
Buddhist shrine
Heart Mountain B14-27 Mess Hall
Wood shrine with flowers
By the mess hall, Heart Mountain, Wyo
Japanese return from internment camps
1 - 25 of 933 images