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Heart Mountain [Wyo.] Reports
Frank Hirahara in Heart Mountain Internm...
Heart Mountain Internment Camp, Camera C...
Alice and Mike [Woman and child]
[Man doing calligraphy]
Heart Mountain, Colorado
A demonstration of the theatrical folk l...
Heart Mountain, Colorado
[Girls chopping down Christmas tree]
An English class at Heart Mountain, Colo...
[crowd watching sumo match, view of camp...
Looking east over the reclocation center...
Game of Goh
Heart Mountain, Colorado
Group portrait
Japanese calligraphy on wood sculptures
Dog with litter of puppies
Wood sculpture with flowers
Japanese calligraphy on split log
[page 77]
Art Student League, Heart Mountain, Wyo
Japanese American cook and boy
Buddhist shrine
Heart Mountain family
By the mess hall, Heart Mountain, Wyo
1 - 25 of 933 images