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View across mouth of Redwood Lagoon
Interior of sweathouse
House-sites of Thunder (to left in grass...
Robert Frank (194), profile
Baby of Lena Henry Allen, grandchild of ...
Frankie, Yurok and nets
Carved rock
Carved rock
Yurok boy
Trimmed tree, north side of river
Yurok boys and house
Madam (166), wife of Domingo
Stone (174), profile
Village site
Rock, past which women do not go in a ca...
View inshore from extreme outer end of P...
Klamath River
Two children of Fancin
Alice Frank, profile
Emma and children group
Grave of Orick Bob's wife
Uppermost rapids with rock in stream whe...
Kewet Mt. (Weitchpec ridge) seen from do...
1 - 25 of 295 images