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Ned (167), profile
Half breed Yurok with quarter breed chil...
Rockpile deposited by women
The mouth of the river
Freshwater Lagoon, looking s.w.
Elsie Frank in Indian dress
Stone (174), profile
Rock at Trinidad, known as "Peregrine Fa...
Frankie, Yurok and nets
Mouth of Klamath River, looking up-river...
Yurok boys
Jackson Ames (160), full length
Corner of house; showing door, now in mu...
Robert Frank Spott, Kroeber's informant
Six children of John Gist
Stone's house with adjacent house of Bil...
Dipping surf fish
Spectators witnessing white deer skin da...
Stone (male)
Klamath River
Unidentified male
Billy Brooks in front of his house
Looking upstream from point of view of l...
1 - 25 of 295 images