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Pigeon snare ambush 15-2493
Mike Wyatt
Mollie Lawrence, profile
Nellie Graham
Henry Lawrence, husband of Mollie Lawren...
Yokuts; Kawia River, Calif.; 5 prints
Illustrating position of man?
Sally Lewis
Levi Graham, profile
Matilda Harpy, profile
Mary Pohot working at shaded bedrock mor...
John Wesley, profile
Caroline Murphy
Mary George, profile
Emma Wesley
Charles Johnson, profile
Illustrating position of woman sitting t...
Left: Henry Pohot, of Wutchumni and Whit...
Pigeon snare ambush
Mary George
Mary Pohot showing method of sifting off...
Nancy Wyatt
Polly George
Charles Johnson
Pigeon snare ambush
1 - 25 of 105 images