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View looking west from south of cañon, 2...
Ishi on rock in river
View of location of Ishi's 1909 camp
View of "Ishi Site;"bush and tree stump ...
View of "Ishi Site;" locale uncertain, n...
Ishi flaking arrow point
Ishi at river crossing of his 1909 camp
Ishi emerging from river with harpoon
Ishi entering river with harpoon
Ishi, full face
Roof of hut made of pepperwood boughs an...
Ishi shooting, kneeling
Ishi flaking arrow point
Ishi making arrow
Ishi peeling wood for arrow
Cave used by Ishi for storage
Ishi, full face
Deer Creek with Ishi, 1914; unidentified...
West end of bluff forming Digger Pine Fl...
View near Ishi's 1909 camp
Ishi shooting with bow
Ishi shooting, standing
1 - 25 of 297 images