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Metate, showing single foot
Avikwame Mountain, as seen from Davis Da...
Little Mohave girl
Jack Jones, head only
Little Mohave girl
Interior of Mohave house, another view
Leslie Wilbur, full face, cf 4331
Boundary Cone
Portrait of Achora Hanyava
Mohave woman
Paul, profile
Mohave cremation
Old Mohave
Jack Jones and Joe Nelson
Ferry, Colorado River
Man; Hollister, Calif.; 2 prints
Unfinished bead collar
Jack Jones and Joe Nelson
Indian houses
Interior of Old Mohave house, seen from ...
Leslie Wilbur, profile
Jack Jones, profile
Mohave woman, head only, same as 15-4324...
Robert Martin, Alfred L. Kroeber, Pete S...
1 - 25 of 65 images