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Isa Hart
Dwelling houses at Railroad Flat
Old Pedro handling hot rocks with wooden...
William Fuller
Three sons of Lena Cox; boy in striped s...
Songfellow Poncho, daughter Maggie and w...
Mrs. Susie Williams, profile
Table Mountain at Chicken Ranch
Captain Eph
Cat's cradle: Girl baby (eselu osa), com...
Juanita and Frank Carrio; granddaughter ...
Mrs. Mary Songfellow Poncho
Mrs. Sophie Thompson
Tom Williams, full face
Richard Hale
North fork of Tuolumne River
Cat's cradle: Boy baby (eselu naña) comp...
Acorn caches and dance house at Railroad...
Ella Gibb
Mrs. Peedie Roan
Mrs. Mary Songfellow Poncho
Back view of aboriginal Miwok house
John Kelly
Dan Gainor, full face
Edna Fuller
1 - 25 of 199 images