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Tom Williams, profile
Cat's cradle: Clearing Sky, 4th stage
Near view of Old Pedro
Ella Gibb, profile
Mrs. Mallie Cox
John Kelly
Luisa Westphal
Old Pedro illustrating the handling of h...
Interior of dance house looking from fir...
Cat's cradle: Stealing, pulling string f...
View looking valleyward
Cat's cradle: Boy baby (eselu naña) comp...
Tom Smith
Cat's cradle: Rat (tuppi), after release...
Cat's cradle: Cloudy sky, 3rd stage
Cat's cradle: Bark house, complete
Table Mountain at Chicken Ranch
One end of semi-subterranean dance house...
Cat's cradle: Clear Sky, 5th stage
Entrance to semi-subterranean dance hous...
Peter Westphal
Molly Bishop
On road, Columbia to American Camp
Mrs. Peedie Roan
Whiskey Bill
1 - 25 of 199 images