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Old Pedro at the leaching and cooking gr...
Cat's cradle: Girl baby (eselu osa), com...
Mrs. William Fuller, profile
Cat's cradle: Flea, ready to jump
Cozy and child
Maria Copa and daughter
Mrs. Susie Williams' aunt, profile
Frank Powell, front view
Annie Hart
Frank and Molly Bishop, with their daugh...
Mrs. Eveline Shorts, profile
Cat's cradle: Fish net, completed by tur...
Cat's cradle: Clear Sky, 5th stage
Cat's cradle: Gopher, string released fr...
Wife of Chief Huyumhayumm
Dan Gainor, profile
Susie Williams, John Kelley, Tom William...
Central Miwok village site Eyeyaku, from...
Annie Hart
Whiskey Bill, profile
View looking valleyward
Central Miwok village site Eyeyaku, look...
Mrs. Sophie Thompson
Dwelling houses at Captain McKenzie's
1 - 25 of 199 images