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Granite outcrops with motar holes, on so...
Frank Bishop, profile
Jack Lundy
Fuller family: Edna, Mrs. William Fuller...
Cat's cradle: Cloudy sky, 3rd stage
Ella Gibb
A less elaborate form of acorn cache
Isa Hart
Dwelling houses at Railroad Flat
Old Pedro handling hot rocks with wooden...
William Fuller
Three sons of Lena Cox; boy in striped s...
Songfellow Poncho, daughter Maggie and w...
Mrs. Susie Williams, profile
Table Mountain at Chicken Ranch
Captain Eph
Cat's cradle: Girl baby (eselu osa), com...
Juanita and Frank Carrio; granddaughter ...
Mrs. Mary Songfellow Poncho
Mrs. Sophie Thompson
Tom Williams, full face
Richard Hale
North fork of Tuolumne River
Cat's cradle: Boy baby (eselu naña) comp...
Acorn caches and dance house at Railroad...
1 - 25 of 199 images