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Kate Garrett, half breed from Willow Cre...
Riffle in Trinity River, just above Suga...
Indian woman gathering stones
Mrs. Freddie
Trinity River
White deerskin dance with onlookers
South end of Hupa Valley
Old Rodger flaking flint
Robinson Shoemaker, young man cf 3846,
Interior view of home
Group of men sitting around
3 school girls: Bertha Smith, Dora Sande...
White deerskin dance with onlookers
Three school boys: Frank Socktich, Luce ...
View of Hupa Valley
Mr. Frank Kyselka, agent
Two Indian women waiting for rations
Salmon dam; "Billie to my rescue." (?)
Miss McLain, Indian service teacher
Ed Marshall and Marshall children
White deerskin dance
Bald Hill
Two small boys: Charles Peter and Amos L...
Three school boys: Henry Penny, Gorham H...
School wood-shed
1 - 25 of 332 images