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Jennie Smith
Rachel Sherman (girl) and Mrs. Nancy She...
Jennie Black's mother
Laffayette Davis, full and profile
Marshall family in front of their house
Two small boys: Charles Peter and Amos L...
Group shot of Hupa baskets
Dressing for Brush Dance, Hastler Ranch
Portrait of the Marshall family
Bob Senalton, man
3 school girls: Violet Davis, Inez Sockt...
Ellen Davis, woman, profile
View from river
3 school girls: Ella Adams, Caroline Hic...
White deerskin dance with onlookers
White deerskin dance with onlookers; dis...
Jackson Ranch
White deerskin dance with onlookers
Indian male; George John
Rain Rock at Sugar Bowl South of Hupa; r...
Montgomery Ranch; extreme northern end o...
Elderly woman (Emma Lewis?)
East wall of valley
4 mixed blood school boys: Orville Allen...
Horse cart paths, showing horse and carr...
1 - 25 of 332 images