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Rodolfo 'Corky' Gonzales, Announcement P...
Fiesta de la Revolución, Announcement Po...
Rodolfo 'Corky' Gonzales, Announcement P...
La MECHA Club, Announcement Poster for
Planning Procedures
End Barrio Warfare!
Viva la Revolución
Sierra MECHA, Announcement Poster for
Fiesta de Colores
Celebración Cinco de Mayo, Announcement ...
Tilling in Chicano Park and Raising the ...
Mass Rally to Free Los Tres
Wyoming Mural (detail)
Woman and Children
The Wall of Heroes and Martyrs (detail)
Tilling in Chicano Park
We Are Not Seeking to Change the World
Demonstration to Save Murals from Destru...
At Mecha Meeting and Untitled
Aeronaves de Aztlán Automotive Co-op
Death of a Farmworker
Protest Against Caltrans
Police Harassment at UFW March
Si Se Puede
Chicano Park Takeover
1 - 25 of 152 images