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[fourteen children in traditional Chines...
[Chinese child]
[Children in traditional dress]
Chinese children, Chinatown, San Francis...
They Refuse to be Photographed
Tit Quon and Ah Fat. Copyright, 1898, by...
Where Bible Stories are Taught
[Chinese child]
A Small Offender
In the Dining-room
[Chinese child standing by fountain]
[Chinese children]
Marketing. Copyright, 1898, by the Dodge...
Bulletin of latest news, Chinatown
Group of Chinese children
A group of Chinese children
Chinese Sunday School Children
Chinese Sunday school children
Chinese aristocrat
[Child and man, balloon vendors]
[Old man and young boys]
[Young man and girl]
[sitting girl in checked dress]
"Fleeing From the Camera."
"Little Ah Wu."
1 - 25 of 204 images