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"Chinese Merchants' Exchange, San Franci...
"Opium Pipe Mender"
Shop in Chinatown, S. F., Cal.
Miscellaneous advertisement
A Chinatown Bazaar: Where the wages paid...
Republic Drug Co. adverstisements
Sing Fat Co.
"Chinese Actor. . . "
The Lottery Craze [back cover]
Dr. Wong Him
Chinese butcher and Grocery Shop, Chinat...
Grand View Hotel adverstisement
Grand Dining Room of the Chinese Restaur...
Sing Chong Company
Sing Fat Co.
The Moon Café menu
Chew Chong Tai & Co. advertisement
[Chinese child in costume]
Paul Lau Company, Inc. business card
Young China advertisement
Dr. Wong Him
Grand View Garden Restaurant menu
[Japanese and Chinese curiosities, 19th ...
Dining room of Chinese restaurant [graph...
Chinese Restaurant, San Francisco, Calif...
1 - 25 of 121 images