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Slim Gaillard, portrait
Richard Pryor and Lou Gossett backstage
Harry Belafonte plays the drums
Nat King Cole and Maria Cole
Quincy Jones, portrait
Stevie Wonder and Patti Labelle perform ...
Isaac Hayes and Yvonne Brathwaite Burke
Hank Ballard and the Moonlighters
African American soldiers entertain at C...
Hank Ballard and the Moonlighters
Jackie Robinson, Joe Nadel, and Al Green...
Hank Ballard and the Moonlighters
Vinette Carroll, portrait
Quincy Jones in his home studio
Federal agents seize Nat King Cole's Han...
Paul Robeson awaits testimony before the...
Paul Robeson and Charlotta Bass
Boxer with his trainer
City Councilman Tom Bradley at Los Angel...
Duke Holloway and George Clemens prepare...
Aquarius Bookstore, Los Angeles (Calif.)...
Archie Moore, portrait
Woodrow Wilson Strode registers for mili...
Muhammad Ali eats a birthday cake
Lew Acindor dribbles as a UCLA freshman
1 - 25 of 115 images