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City of Los Angeles : incorporated under...
Waste of water from Tuttle's Creek
Jawbone siphon.
Haiwee gateway transition.
Kings Canyon Diversion Dam, Antelope Val...
Clam shell dredge near Stockton.
Cabin on Mattingly property.
Interior of tunnel in Antelope Valley, s...
Storm in the Sierras - crater cone in ce...
Fairmont Dam.
Elizabeth Lake Tunnel, south portal.
Views northeast
Freeman wastegate.
Regulating gates in main canal, Owens Va...
Filling trench with clay, Haiwee Dam.
Griffith Park road.
Electric locomotive and tunnel cars
Deadman Canyon siphon.
Main Boise Canal.
Alabama Hills section, steam shovel No. ...
Peterson's side hill conduit in the Grap...
Intake on Owens River
Sand Canyon, siphon crossing looking nor...
Saugus Division headquarters.
1 - 25 of 811 images