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City of Los Angeles : incorporated under...
Short Canyon, view northwest from siphon...
Imperial Canal intake.
[Flat brush and hill]
Transmission tower line, Barcelona.
Core wall for Fairmont Dam.
Prospector's outfit in Red Rock Canyon.
Jawbone siphon, south side.
Cinco warehouse
Red Rock Canyon.
Dry Canyon, east abutment
Olancha Creek crossing open conduit.
Austin excavator at work in Mojave Divis...
Lone Valley Dam site.
Railroad tunnel near Ravenna showing uns...
Material for Mojave-Keeler railroad.
[Man and car near construction site.]
Wildison's store near Mammoth - Mammoth ...
Blow-off in nine-mile pipe.
Dry Canyon Dam, view northeast from west...
Transformer float for Dredge #4.
Elsmere siphon, looking north.
Lower face of dam
PG&E genl. view of dam site up stream.
Santa Ynez River near Lompoc during floo...
1 - 25 of 811 images