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[View of Monterey, California]
Franklin [ship]
Ella Norton [ship]
Endeavour [ship]
White Swallow [ship]
Ocean Express [ship]
Santa Clara [ship]
Syren [ship]
Cotwater [ship]
Logan [ship]
Orpheus [ship]
Good Hope [ship]
Prima Donna [ship]
Saint Charles [ship]
Bunker Hill [ship]
Criterion [ship]
Mindoro [ship]
Beale & Craven's magnificent twelve-mile...
Silas Fish [ship]
Mary [ship]
Argosy [ship]
Melrose [ship]
For San Francisco, California direct... ...
South east side view of Valparaiso taken...
South America, north west side view of V...
1 - 25 of 285 images