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[View of Monterey, California]
Garibaldi [ship]
Thatcher Magoun [ship]
A. G. Ropes [ship]
Sunrise [ship]
Panther [ship]
George Griswold [ship]
Derby [ship]
Crossing the Isthmus [Panama]
Young America [ship]
Rising Sun [ship]
Helen Angier [ship]
Orpheus [ship]
Asia [ship]
Mary Robinson [ship]
Helen Clinton [ship]
Prima Donna [ship]
Donati [ship]
Lawrence [ship]
Eagle Wing [ship]
[Sailing ship cruising along coast]
Harry Bluff [ship]
For California!... The A 1 packet barque...
Cape Horn [Chile]
[Shipwreck of the Astrolabe's yawl at Po...
1 - 25 of 285 images