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Engines at Beaumont.
Diesel Locomotive at Portola, Calif.
At Dunsmuir, Calif.
Tearing up the tracks with railroad ties...
Railroad Work
Demonstration train
Southern Pacific Round House Store Room....
Roy Adams and family in their house.
At Portola, California
Railroad Tracks at Dunsmuir, Calif.
Oroville, Calif.
S.P. Yard Hornbrook, Cal.
The Pit River Bridge Over Shasta Lake, C...
Picket Line at Westwood, Calif.
The Roundhouse, Keddie, California
Monarch Machine Works Maricopa Cal.
Railroad Yards at Dunsmuir, Calif.
"Diesel Locomotive" near Chester Calif.
Mt. Shasta from, Dunsmuir, Calif.
At Delleker, California
Pickets at Westwood, Calif.
At Roseville, Calif.
At Roseville, Calif.
R.R. Depot at Oroville, Calif.
1 - 25 of 1,657 images