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Cuba - Province of Oriente - Bartle: Lum...
Interior of the Beaumont Hardware and Lu...
Whipsawing lumber for cabins, Alaska.
John .J. McCoy Lumber Yard.
Lumber yard
Booming Timber Over A Dam. Wisconsin.
At the Big Wheels, Shingletown, Calif.
At Weed, California
Fruit Growers Mill at Westwood, Californ...
Paul Bunyan
Lake County, Oregon
Loaded Lumber Trucks Paul Bunyan Lbr. Co...
[Ericson children in the redwoods/unknow...
Paul Bunyan Fire
Paul Bunyan Lumber Co.
Long Bell Box Factory, Weed, Calif.
Paul Bunyan Lumber
Klamath Falls
[Tree Falling in Vance Woods/unknown]
Unloading logs Westwood.
Cedar Mill
"Veneer Plant" Westwood, Calif.
Red River Lumber Company Humbug Logging ...
Shasta Cascade - cutting tree in forest
1 - 25 of 1,032 images