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"Crossing the Plains" framed canvas on w...
"Crossing the Plains" painting, colored
Photograph of the canvas "Crossing the P...
"Here's a Pretty Mess!" (In Wyoming)
Photograph of the canvas "Crossing the P...
(title unknown)
[San Francisco Mayor C.J. Brenham and as...
Daniel Kraemer [graphic]
Henry Horstmann [graphic]
Carl J. Dreyfus, Protrait. [graphic]
Dato Family, Group Portrait. [graphic]
Andrew Ipsen Family, Group Portrait. [gr...
Carmen and Napoleon Aragoni, Portrait. [...
Henrietta Gosch, Portrait. [graphic]
Boisseranc Family, Group Portrait. [grap...
[John Marsh with woman and baby.]
[John B. Ward and son.]
[Unidentified man with side whiskers.]
[Andrew Child (1825-1884) with full side...
[Amos Shellenberger.]
[Sherman Day (1806-1884).]
[Unidentified: de la Guerra employee?]
[Unidentified woman: de la Guerra relati...
[Maria Antoinette Briggs Haskell.]
[John Marsh.]
1 - 25 of 616 images